We Need Your Help!!!

If you are willing to help, please click here (link disabled till next year) and fill in the times you are available to work.  This is our online signup system.  Or you can use the paper forms at the front of the church after Mass each weekend.

General Information of what is needed:

Monday (week of festival) is setup day:  we move everything from the storage garage to the booth location and do electrical hookups.

Tuesday (week of festival) is tent lighting day:  we set up all of the tent lights (ladders and extension cords are involved).

Wednesday (week of festival) is tables & chairs & booths day:  we set up all of the tables, chairs and booths under the tents.

Thursday (week of festival) is final setup day:  we setup the plastic security fence and move the final equipment around in the booths.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are festival days. General help running various festival booths.

Sunday (last day of festival) from 6pm – 9pm is “pack it into the storage garage” day.

Sign up for as many or as few as you prefer – we appreciate any help we can get!!